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Cat Lady Commentary: Oh no, SHE’S SO CUTE ; A;


You are ten years old the first time
a man on the street whistles at you and
it makes your skin crawl. Your friend says,
“That’s just how boys pay compliments.
You should be flattered.”

The moon is full that night. Full and hovering
just outside your window. You want to
grab at it. You want to be a part of it.

You are thirteen years old when they
pull you into the office and tell you that you
are breaking dress code — your shorts
are an inch and a half too short.
It is 90 degrees outside and you wear your shame
like a parka for the rest of the day,
and you don’t know why.

The book you’re reading mentions Artemis,
so you google her when you get home and
you read about Actaeon, and how
they tried to tell Artemis she was “asking for it”
and she shot moonbeam arrows into
their throats.

You are seventeen when the boy at the dance
calls you a slut for smacking his hand away
when it tried to climb up your thigh
and pull your prayers out from under your skirt.

The moon hangs like a beacon in your
rearview mirror, a reminder that no matter what
there is always someone rooting for you.
Artemis didn’t owe anyone anything, and darling,
neither do you.

K. Wright, For Artemis. requested by queerasfox

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Simon from the Wildlife Aid Foundation received a call about a cygnet (young swan) that found itself in a terrible predicament by getting stuck in a fence. Once near the stuck little swan, Simon had to face an angry cob (male swan) that wouldn’t let anybody near his poor baby.

As he attempted to get the baby swan free, the cob kept on swiping at him with its powerful wings. Simon wouldn’t let it faze him and kindly told the angry male swan “don’t be silly” and to “stop it”.




East of Kensington is a dark introspective look into the tale of Peter Pan. It shows us the grim reality of this fairy tale. It’s 20 minutes long. When I was 10, I was obsessed with Peter Pan (mostly Jeremy Sumpter from Peter Pan 2003). If an attractive male showed up at my window and whisked me away to a magical land full of fairies, mermaids, and pirates, I would be ecstatic. But this short film makes me doubt all of it. (Watch it here) (Masterpost of creepy short films)